ABC’s Disturbing Reporting On Biden’s Insane Spending Exposed

ABC News is playing the role of White House communications office by cheerleading his every move. On World News Tonight and Good Morning America, David Muir and Terry Moran praised the President for “working for each and every American” and “taking a victory lap”. But is the President’s infrastructure law really good for the American people?

From the outset, the infrastructure law was nothing more than a ploy to funnel taxpayer money into states that voted for Biden in the 2020 election.

So far, billions of dollars have been allocated from the $1.2 trillion package for crumbling roads, bridges, and upgrades to train travel. In Baltimore, the President is touting how the replacement of a 150-year-old rail tunnel will “create an estimated 20,000 new construction jobs”. But this is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of money being spent.

Not only is the infrastructure law a massive waste of taxpayer dollars, but it’s also fueling inflation. President Biden is touting the Inflation Reduction Act, which will provide “funding” for “green energy and high-tech manufacturing”. But this spending spree is unsustainable and will hurt the middle class. Republicans have already made it clear that they will oppose the debt ceiling unless deep spending cuts are made.

The media’s portrayal of Biden’s infrastructure law is simply not accurate. The package is a massive waste of taxpayer money and it is fueling inflation. Instead of touting the President’s every move, the media should be focusing on the long-term consequences of this reckless spending.

Only at the end of this second report did Moran mention pushback: “But Republicans are warning about inflation and they are saying they will hold up legislation to hold the debt ceiling unless deep spending cuts are made.”


Is the White House reporting for ABC News? This certainly looks like they’re handling all the writing for the “news” network. They never even touched on how Biden’s spending will effect American taxpayers.

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