ABC Was ‘Shocked’ By Good Samaritan Who Stop Robber Dead In His Tracks

Houston, Texas police said that they are searching for an anonymous hero who defended a restaurant full of customers from an armed robber. The suspect was shot and killed by the good Samaritan, with the terrifying scene all caught on security camera footage.

ABC’s Good Morning America was appalled by the situation, suggesting that the hero was “ducking police” and the source of the fear that night. This is part of their ongoing anti-gun narrative, which bars even defensive uses of firearms. John Quiñones, the correspondent who delivered the report, is infamous for setting up hoax racist encounters to push the false narrative that America is an inherently racist country.

It’s clear that ABC’s Good Morning America is using the situation to push its own agenda, instead of praising the hero for his brave actions in saving lives.

Quiñones stacked the deck against the hero, playing dispatch audio stating the robber wasnot awake and they‘re not breathing,” and the weapon being used as a plastic airsoft or bb gun. To add to the dramatics they played a clip from the 911 call where the caller told dispatch that the suspect was not breathing.

“Investigators have not identified the deceased suspect believed to be in his 20s or the man accused of killing him, calling him a person of interest,” he noted, seemingly lamenting the loss of a young life. And he spoke with criminal defense attorney Toby Shooks who said the hero “could be charged with murder,” before adding he might “be justified” because “in Texas, a person can use deadly force.”


It’s a sad state of affairs when the media turns to demonizing good samaritans. There is no way anyone in the restaurant could have known the suspect was waving around a bb gun.