ABC And NPR Stumped On Why Americans Aren’t ‘Feeling’ Biden’s Good Economy

As the Biden Administration and their allies in the mainstream media work to paint a rosy picture of his economic policies, everyday Americans are left scratching their heads as to why they aren’t feeling the supposed ‘good economy.’

ABC’s This Week co-moderator Martha Raddatz recently aired more of World News Tonight’s exclusive interview with President Joe Biden which highlighted how out of touch he is with reality. NPR correspondent Asma Khalid went even further by claiming that “the economy is healthier than it was six months ago.” But a closer examination reveals that this isn’t true.

During the Biden/Muir interview, Muir asked Biden about the economy and seemed perplexed why Americans weren’t feeling good about their financial standing:

“Our latest ABC News poll shows 4 in 10 Americans say they’re worse off than when you were elected. Only 16 percent said they were better off. So why is that? Why aren’t Americans feeling this?”

Biden blamed negative stories seen on television for contributing to people’s lack of optimism:

“Can you think of anything when you turn on the television that makes you think, God, that makes me feel good? Almost anything. Everything is in the negative,” he told Muir. The octogenarian President also cited inflation being higher than it should be and gas prices going up as reasons why people may not be feeling good about their finances.

The statement made by NPR’s White House correspondent Asma Khalid shows just how biased her reporting can be at times.

She boldly claimed “that by looking at the inflation picture today, the economy is by most metrics healthier than it was six months ago.” But in actuality, inflation rose once again in January by 0.5 percent; up from December’s 0.1 percent increase in December – pushing year-over-year inflation to 6.4%. When Joe Biden took office, inflation was 1.7%.

It’s hard for everyday Americans to feel comfortable about their economic situation when gas prices continue to rise and cost of living keeps going up.

All while wages stay stagnant or don’t improve enough for them to make ends meet each month; yet we are still bombarded with news outlets promoting a false narrative that everything is alright economically speaking under Joe Biden’s watchful eye because he has created 800 thousand manufacturing jobs since taking office despite what other factors tell us otherwise like rising unemployment or falling home sales numbers due to skyrocketing mortgage rates (which have hit 3% this past week).

The bottom line here should be clear: one cannot rely solely on news outlets for reliable information regarding our country’s current state economically speaking – whether it comes from ABC or NPR or any other source – especially if those same outlets have an agenda geared towards promoting only Democratic policies regardless of what facts tell us directly contradicting those claims made without any real back up data provided as supportable evidence (which sadly seems to be becoming an increasingly common issue these days).


Ultimately we need unbiased sources who report honestly and accurately so everyone can make informed decisions based on facts rather than rhetoric alone if our nation hopes to come out ahead instead of playing catch up later down the road after every decision made thus far turns out not working out correctly due its lack adequate research done ahead time so we can properly plan accordingly moving forward together without fail no matter political party affiliation involved

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