Breaking: Biden Just Got A Reuters Photojournalist Killed, Body Mutilated

A Reuters Photojournalist Who Was Left Behind Enemy Lines in Afghanistan Was Murdered and His Body Mutilated By Taliban Fighters

If you believed the Taliban when they told the Biden administration that they were a more tolerant terror regime, then I have some bad news for you.

It has been reported that Danish Siddiqui, the award-winning Reuters photojournalist who was covering the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, has been killed and mutilated by Taliban fighters.

Siddiqui was killed during the Taliban’s takeover of Spin Boldak in southern Afghanistan, according to the Daily Mail.

The story goes that Siddiqui was hurt by rocket shrapnel and was left behind by the Afghan army he was embedded with when they retreated before he was found by the Taliban fighters.

It’s been said that the poor guy asked his bosses if they could send him to Afghanistan, saying, “If we don’t go, who will?”

He arrived at a Kandahar Afghan Special Forces base on July 11. He was then embedded in a unit of several hundred elite commandos that were attempting to flush out Taliban fighters that were capturing sections of the country.

The photojournalist was traveling in a convoy that was coming back from a mission to rescue a surrounded policeman when the convoy was attacked with rocket-propelled grenades, otherwise known as RPGs.

Siddiqui was able to video when an RPG hit the Humvee he was traveling in. The Taliban attack completely destroyed three other vehicles that were part of the convoy.

Siddiqui was caught in the crossfire on July 16 as he was photographing an Afghan offensive in Spin Boldak. During that offensive, the Reuters journalist was injured by shrapnel from a rocket.

He was then transported to a local mosque to be treated. At that point, the soldiers withdrew from Spin Boldak, according to Afghanistan’s Special Operations commander Major-General Haibatullah Alizai.

The Afghan troops left Siddiqui behind. It was believed by the convoy that the two commandos who were with him had all joined with the retreating convoy.

“They were left there,” Alizai said.

Afghan security officials, along with representatives of the Indian government, told Reuters that based on photos that were shared online, it looks like Siddiqui’s body had been mutilated after he died.

British ballistics expert Philip Boyce of Forensic Equity compared the photos to x-rays and pictures of Siddiqui’s body once it was reclaimed after the Taliban left.

According to Boyce, the photos show that it was “evident that he was shot multiple further times after he was killed,” according to the Daily Mail.

Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, of course said the Taliban found his body that way and that the Taliban had nothing to do with it. So we are to believe that the Afghan troops he was embedded with did it?

In the aftermath of Siddiqui’s death, some journalists of Reuters are now questioning the decision to let the photojournalist remain in Afghanistan.

According to the Daily Mail, “Members of the newsroom familiar with the decision-making say Siddiqui’s embed with soldiers in Afghanistan was backed by senior photo editors, vetted by external advisers and newsroom managers who handle security, and reviewed by a group of top editors who regularly meet to consider potentially dangerous assignments.”

Reuters Editor-in-Chief Alessandra Galloni stepped up and in a written statement she said that she was the one who agreed to Siddiqui’s embed with Afghan Special Forces. “As editor-in-chief, I take full responsibility for the decision,” she wrote.

In a July 23 email to Reuters staff, Galloni wrote that Siddiqui was “our brilliant colleague and devoted friend.” She added, “I also know many of you want answers. We do too.” The review process that’s under way, she said, “includes a detailed examination of our security procedures.”

The Saudi government assassinated journalist Jamal Khashoggi in October 2018. Our news media went toys-in-the-attic, bat guano crazy on then President Donald Trump, going so far as to blame him for Khashoggi’s murder because Trump didn’t start a war with Saudi Arabia over his death. Despite Trump having absolutely nothing to do with Khashoggi’s assassination and despite the fact that Khashoggi was not an American citizen, the press ripped on Trump, anyway, for “doing nothing.” What was he supposed to do? I have to wonder if the same lying news media will hound Joe Biden the same way over Siddiqui’s death? I’m not going to hold my breath.

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With jihad there are no rules except kill and mutilate.

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Well, get ready to be impressed by how laid back Botchin’ Biden is about this as it was “all figured in”.






Does anybody think Alzheimer Joe gives a flying fuck? Any white American over there he’d rather have them killed there, then be send back to the USA. Because here he claims whites are the greatest threat to this country, and if they are dead he won’t have to have them assassinated when they return to American soil. He is a dangerous fool, and Cameltoe Harris is even more dangerous when they finally push the fool out of a White House upper level window.


Anyone who couldn’t see tragedies like this on the immediate horizon should run for president.

Captain Cross

Call on line three from Danish Siddiqui’s motherJoey and she wants to speak with you. I’m sorry mam he’s taking a nap – we’ll circle back to you. Pause……No Mrs. Siddiqui I can’t say things like that to him.


Say it aint so Joe.

James Maxwell

The body count being stacked up by the incompetent Basement dweller in the Oval office
is unconscionable. He has exhibited another reason that he should have ever been allowed in the race for President and why he was keep hidden from the public until they had stolen the election. Hearing him attempt to speak in public even with pre qualified
questions and answers is criminal as he is incapable of even reading the script and has
the smirk when talking about people he is responsible for being killed is proof that that
both Beijing Joe, Karmela da Round Heel, Circle Back Jen and the entire leadership of
the Socialist democrat Party make Hitler and other dictator look almost human.


OK True Patriotic Americans, men, women, children……So are you all enjoying your TV shows & movies, going to the park (While that last, due to Covid19), and other various pleasantries while we let the Radical Biden, The Clintons, the Obamas, Kamala, Pelosi, Schummer, Feinstein, Waters, all the Liberal professor/Teachers at all grade levels and the brainwashed youth now under full blow Liberal Communist thinking, destroy us while we all dang SLEEP!!!! How much more destruction from today’s mass deaths in Afghanistan, with much more assuredly to come! The forced vaccinations on our soldiers, inflation, mass crisis at our southern borders, the mass voter fraud earlier this year proven time and time again, etc!
This is what happens each time a Liberal leftist takes power, let’s fact
check this.
1-Clinton in power >Soldiers dead and bodies dragged along dirt roads and
hung from bridges in Mogadishu. Clinton’s “Black hawk down” disaster!
2-Obama, under his failed administration, the embassy in Benghazi was under
attack and the Ambassador, killed there, and other U.S. soldiers and personnel
as well, as quoted by then secretary Hillary Clinton, “What difference
does it make!”
3-Biden, so far in his first 209 days has been a complete disaster. He has
created the new Saigon airlift and mass evacuations from Afghanistan. Making it
just like Vietnam’s major withdrawal insanity of 1975! How many U.S. service
men and women, personnel, civilians and journalist all died there in
Afghanistan, now for NOTHING!
4-Jimmy Carter- The Iran Hostage crisis!
5-John F. Kennedy – His ‘Pay of pigs’ fiasco failure!
Every-time a Liberal leftist takes charge of America, it creates untold
disaster after disaster! We NEVER see this stuff happen under the last several
republican presidents in charge!
When will we real American learn this and fight back against these liberal
controlling elites and their hordes of minion followers!
Lastly, What about all the death, injuries, destruction, vandalism and outright crimes of the Liberal left from all last year!?
Toppling all our history’s statues, blocking, attacking citizens on freeways or when peaceful citizens went to protest!? Burning down entire city blocks, burning down police stations, federal state capital buildings, civilian shops and homes?! Killing police and civilians from Antifa, BLM and other radical leftist groups!
So I ask, when the H E L L are we going to take out, permanently, these foul Liberal, Demorat liberals before we all are faced with imminent threats to ourselves personal, like so many have so far! Hiding our selves behind our few jobs we have, our social lives, hobbies and such will no longer be an American freedom or options soon! MARK MY WORDS THIS DAY! It will happen unless we ‘FIGHT’ back!

Liberty One News
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