A Look Back At Biden’s Big Talk About Putin’s ‘Day’ Being ‘Over’

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Just one of the hundreds of claims made by Biden that did not age well was his 2019 vow to handle the Putin threat. The then-candidate Biden claimed that Putin was targeting his campaign and vowed that Putin’s ‘Days of tyranny and trying to intimidate’ was over because he was going to—What? Sanction him to death?

“Once again, Putin and the Russians are trying to engage in our elections and decide who the president’s going to be,” Biden said in a 2019 fundraising ad. “This time I’m the object of their attention. Because Putin knows if I am president of the United States, his days of tyranny and trying to intimidate the United States and those in Eastern Europe are over.”

“I’m going to stand up to him. He’s a bully, just like the president. And I know he doesn’t want me to be president, but to tell you what, when I’m president, things are going to change. Mr. Putin, the American people decide their elections, not you.”

Now, in 2022, he completely failed to do the job…


Biden might be useless in stopping Putin’s violent takeover of Ukraine but are Russians?

In a twist of events, over 100 Russian officials have stepped up and spoken out against Putin’s attack of Ukraine. Shocked Russians joined them and turned out by the thousands Thursday to decry their country’s invasion of Ukraine as emotional calls for protests grew on social media. Some 1,745 people in 54 Russian cities were detained, at least 957 of them in Moscow.

Hundreds of posts came pouring in condemning Moscow’s most aggressive actions since the 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Vladimir Putin called the attack a “special military operation” to protect civilians in eastern Ukraine from “genocide” — a false claim the U.S. had predicted would be a pretext for invasion, and which many Russians roundly rejected.

Tatyana Usmanova, an opposition activist in Moscow, wrote on Facebook that she thought she was dreaming when she awoke at 5:30 a.m. to the news, which she called “a disgrace that will be forever with us now.”





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