Breaking: Hillary Panics As Trial Opens For Men That Funneled Millions To Her In 2016!

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While everything going on between Ukraine and Russia is very serious here in the US we’re having some major movement on corruption cases involving Hillary Clinton. I can’t help but get a ‘Wag the Dog’ kind of feeling on how it’s all being buried by media coverage of Ukraine. For instance, the case of the men who funneled millions to the Clinton campaign back in 2016. Politico published details about the trial:

“A defense attorney for a California businessman accused of conspiring to illegally donate more than $3 million to back Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race offered a simple explanation for her client’s decision to break out his checkbook: He feared that Donald Trump’s promised ban on Muslim visitors to the U.S. would devastate his travel-oriented business.

“He believed that his contribution to Hillary Clinton’s campaign would save his business,” defense lawyer Megan Church said of Los Angeles luxury transport provider Rani El-Saadi. “His company catered to clients who were travelers from Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East — the same people Mr. Trump intended to ban from the U.S. A Trump presidency posed a fatal threat to Mr. El-Saadi’s business. That’s why he donated.”

However, as the trial for El-Saadi and a co-defendant opened in federal court in Washington on Thursday, a prosecutor offered an equally simple explanation for the $150,000 El-Saadi personally ponied up to attend a Clinton fundraiser in Las Vegas in October 2016: Another, much wealthier man — digital payments magnate Andy Khawaja — secretly gave El-Saadi the money.

“This is a case about a large-scale conspiracy to funnel well in excess of $1 million into the U.S. political system — money that came from the United Arab Emirates,” prosecutor Michelle Parikh told jurors.”

Politico noted that a lot of the more damning details about the case are being withheld from jurors but what they’ve learned so far is inciting. For instance, Khawaja is considered to be one of the masterminds behind the scheme and the founder of Allied Wallet, a multi-billionaire and originally from Lebanon. He is currently a fugitive of justice.

The report also notes that 5 other men in the case have already pleaded guilty, including former US advisor and convicted child pornography collector, George Nader.

According to court documents, Nader, 60, admitted that he arranged to transport a 14-year-old boy from Europe to Dulles International Airport for purposes of illegal sexual conduct in early 2000. Nader had met the boy in Prague, Czech Republic, and later brought him to his residence in Washington, D.C. Nader also admitted that, in September 2012, he possessed or accessed with intent to view video images of child sexual abuse while he was in New York. In exchange for the plea, the government agreed to dismiss an indictment involving similar charges returned in the Eastern District of Virginia in July 2019.

Nader, another Lebinon-born American, had been previously been convicted of transporting child pornography into the Eastern District of Virginia in 1991.

All swept under the rug…

I think it’s also worth noting something no one is talking about—Nader, who is an undeniable Clinton supporter and perhaps friend, infiltrated the Trump administration during the peace in the Middle East project. Nadar worked as an advisor to Trump but was more than likely just another spy for Clinton.

I mean, is that really a stretch or just an observation, given all the evidence? I’m no conspiracy theorist but you don’t have to be one to see that connection, do you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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