70% of Blacks Approve of the Job Their Local Police Are Doing

A CBS News/YouGov poll released on Sunday found that 70% of Blacks say that police do a somewhat to great job, while 30% say they do a somewhat or terrible job. So, why do liberals want to defund the police? I can understand why the criminal element would want the police eliminated but who in their right mind would want to be alone and at the mercy of the criminals?

Just seeing a policeman nearby gives residents a safe feeling with the lone exception of Portland and Seattle at one of their nightly riots. Those policemen are told to stand down so much they should have rocking chairs on every corner.

The results for whites were 82 and 18 percent, respectively.   Among Hispanics it is 77 percent rated their local police favorably compared to 22 percent, unfavorably. The overall numbers are 79 and 21 percent. That’s not bad considering the battering they take from elected Democrats and the woke medias every single day. But, that just goes to show how few people actually support this movement.

The RNC is busy running ads to make sure everyone knows which party wants to eliminate police. It was a big winner in 2020 and it should be even bigger in 2022. If you eliminate the police who do you have protecting you? Social workers? Park rangers, unarmed of course? BLM? Antifa? Face it, the entire concept is mental. Democratic politicians routinely ask for police escorts, including Maxine Waters.

From The Gateway Pundit

The results for males and females were identical. Seventy-nine percent of each group said they support their local police while 21 percent did not.

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Among liberals, the figures were 71 to 29 percent; Moderates, 80 to 20; and Conservatives, 89 to 11. So, we see a distinct trend here. Conservatives view their local police more positively than their liberal friends.


It also appears that as people get older, their appreciation for law enforcement increases. Among those under 30, the numbers were 69 to 31 percent. For those aged 65 and older, the results, 94 to 6 percent, were dramatically higher.

Seventy-six percent of Biden supporters approved of their local police while 23 percent did not. Among Trump supporters, those figures were 89 and 11 percent.

Among Democrats, 72 percent held a favorable opinion of local police compared to 28 percent who did not. For Independents, the results were 81 and 19 percent, and for Republicans, 88 to 11 percent.

White people without a college degree supported police by a margin of 83 to 17 percent. Views of whites with a four-year degree were slightly less favorable.

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Should be higher. These officers put there life on the line for folks like these.


Some of these folks did not think this through. The police are the ONLY line between criminals and their victims. If you’ve never been victimized, you might provide a negative response, but if you’ve ever seen the good the police do or have been the beneficiary of their help, you’d never want to defund them. There is a reason EVERY country on the planet has a police force and it’s a good reason. Notice the older folks, the ones who have been around the longest, gave the greatest support for them. They are not naïve. Also, look around at the destruction that is going on in cities that have reduced funding to their police force. Crime rates are up . . . dramatically. This is not a difficult choice. Those cities who have chosen to defund their police have obviously made the wrong one.

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