$7 per Gallon Gas Becomes A Reality

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It doesn’t look like the Biden administration had a good day yet and things just get worse as our world is now exploding.

You might think it’s hard to lay all the things going sour in the world at the feet of one man, but for many things directly affecting Americans, it is the case.

Right now, the Middle East has exploded because Iran and the terrorist group Hamas have been paying attention to the United States, and when the US has weak leadership, they react accordingly in their world.

The Biden administration has said they are going to reenter negotiations with the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism that wants to obtain nuclear weapons, an act they felt gave them a green light to sponsor all kinds of activities in the region.

And then there is Mahmoud Abbas the president of the State of Palestine who decided to cancel an upcoming election, the first in years that could happen because polls showed he was losing badly.

In order to cover up the anger that came from that decision he allowed tensions to get out of hand by what happened at the Al-Aqsa mosque between Palestinians and an Israeli and now Hamas has been firing rockets into Israeli neighborhoods at an alarming rate and the Israeli Defense Force has been retaliating accordingly.

Joe Biden signed executive orders on day one of his administration that pretty much created open borders allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants to come across our border.

Those being captured are processed in record time and shipped off to only God knows where inside our interior.

On top of that, the CDC has caused a whirlwind of confusion among Americans for its flip-flop in recent days over wearing a mask if you’re fully vaccinated.

Many people feel that the reversal of policy was completely political to give some sense of good news during the rise of yet another Biden-created catastrophe, one that is really going to hurt if the incompetents in the administration cannot get a handle on it soon and that’s the rising gasoline prices.

It is been said that the critical point for the price of gasoline in America is about $4 per gallon. After it hits that mark the American people have to start questioning how they spend their money.

$4 a gallon is a lot of money for working families to gas up their vehicles to get to work, to drive the kids to school, to do the grocery shopping, and all the other things that you have to do in modern-day life. It makes American families have to sit down at the kitchen table and decide if they buy more food or more gas?

Do they keep putting money away for savings or buy gas? Do they spend money on family entertainment or do they buy gas?

Right now, the Biden administration is continuing to spin the multitude of scandals haunting the White House in recent days maintaining that our economic recovery is successful while the price of gasoline just hit $7 per gallon at a station in Virginia.

“Obviously we’ve seen some reaction to the new numbers. Our view on that is it reflects the reality of an economy that’s rapidly turning back on because of a successful economic strategy. There’s a number of factors here that can be explained and we’re working to address that,” spun Psaki.

The things Americans are watching take place in recent days have been said to remind those old enough to remember of the Jimmy Carter days of the 1970s when we had high inflation and gas lines two blocks long.

In fact, things got so bad that they did odd and even days to be allowed to buy gas, meaning the last number of your license plate determined whether you got gas on an odd or even day.

Of course, the Biden administration is spinning the high gas problem as something caused by the hacking of the Colonial pipeline, but the problems were already in the making thanks to Biden’s attack on the fossil fuel industry with executive orders that killed the Keystone pipeline, suspended giving out leasing permits on public lands for exploring for new deposits of oil, killing not current but future fracking efforts, and a host of other things that led to problems for everyday Americans.

By injecting trillions of dollars into our economy most of which are in the form of bailouts to states that screwed up their economies long before COVID came along we now are at risk of rising inflation and like what happened in the Carter years, the Federal Reserve Bank may raise interest rates to slow down the spending which would get control over inflation, but we may end up with both high interest rates and high inflation causing stagflation when combined with high unemployment numbers. All of this was caused by bad government policies.

The latest jobs report was a disaster for April, where the expected one million jobs came out to be a little over a quarter of that at about 266,000 jobs. Many speculate that this happened because the administration is paying working people more to sit on their duffs than to take a job and work. You would think the administration would learn the lesson that when you pay people more to not work, they don’t work.

And now, even though the hacked pipeline paid the ransomware fees and went back online late Wednesday night, thousands of gas stations in the south still have high prices at the pump and many are still without any gasoline.

“U.S. consumer sentiment deteriorated unexpectedly in early May as Americans grew increasingly concerned about rising prices,” Bloomberg reported.

“His team no doubt was prepared to unleash Biden to perform a little victory dance at the White House celebrating the stupendous number. But the show had to be hastily revamped when the actual tally came in nearly three-quarters-of-a-million jobs lower than expected; just 266,000 jobs created and unemployment unexpectedly rising to 6.1%,” Fox News reported.

“Today, there is more evidence our economy is moving in the right direction,” Biden said. “This is progress. This is a testament to our new strategy,” he said. “We’ve got work to do, to state the obvious, we have work to do.”

When compared to just five months ago this is not progress, it’s a bad joke.




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