’60 Minutes’ Brings In The Soros-Funded Org To Crush The Power Of Social Media

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CBS’s 60 Minutes drug out Center for Humane Technology (CHT) co-founder Tristan Harris to blame social media for rising tensions in America. NewsBusters recently uncovered that Center for Humane Technology receives funding from liberal tyrant George Soros — so keep that in mind.

“Social media is a showcase of our anger,” CBS correspondent Bill Whitaker proclaimed. “An analysis by The New York Times this fall found that online use of the phrase ‘civil war’ has exploded.” Whitaker ignored the fact that the liberal media has been stoking the flames by popularizing the use of the word “civil war” to smear the right in Americans’ daily news diets. Whitaker elevated Harris by propagandizing how his organization was the voice of reason slamming social media for “generating billions by making us angry.”

Harris railed at how “the more moral[ly] outrageous language you use — the more inflammatory language, contemptuous language, the more indignation you use — the more it will get shared. So, we are being rewarded for being division entrepreneurs.” The clearly bias Harris never mentioned the rhetoric coming from Democrats in Washington.

Harris should speak for himself, because he has been rewarded handsomely for being a “division entrepreneur.” Soros’ Foundation to Promote Open Society funded Harris’s group with a $1 million grant in 2020, which CBS conveniently chose not to disclose. Soros-funded groups financed to the tune of at least $80,233,084 have been applying pressure on Big Tech to censor so-called election “disinformation” before the 2022 midterm elections. CHT specifically targets “disinformation” affecting “elections” as one of its “key issues.”

CBS echoed Harris’ leftist idealism that the government should exert greater control over Silicon Valley tech giants: “Harris believes the best path to reform would be stricter government regulation of social media platforms or at least a requirement that they be more transparent.”


It’s interesting how Whitaker didn’t mention TikTok or other platforms. He never addressed how Democrats colluded with big tech companies like Facebook and Twitter to control public option by labeling stories about Hunter Biden’s confirmed laptop as ‘misinformation’.

H/T NewsBusters




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