Democrat Purge Of Trump Fails, So Swamp Leader Resigns In Defeat

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Since day one of the 2016 Presidential Elections, it seems as if every Democrat has just bombarded Donald Trump with any type of criticism they could possibly stir up.

President Trump has made it crystal clear that “business as usual” will not fly into the nations capital. I guess this is why every democrat hates him so much. He goes against the status quo. This has been the reason why he has received such an inordinate amount of backlash and has been subjected to a ridiculous amount of leaks. The ones that are content with the way things already were, have a big problem with change apparently.

Democrats now will stop at nothing. They will even create an entire fake investigation on President Trump to say he colluded with Russia. We have all heard the nonsense for over a year now. Nonstop fake news in order to take down President Trump. However, things continue to fly in the Presidents favor as he continues to create success and progress for America.

According to americanconservativeherald:

Nonetheless, the tide continues to turn in Trump’s favor, and thanks to this silly investigation, another swamp slug has been drained. Reason why? She refuses to admit that the president has done nothing wrong.

The Hill has the news.

Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand is stepping down from her post as the Justice Department faces intense criticism from President Trump.

The New York Times first reported Friday that Brand is resigning after nine months on the job. She is expected to take a job as general counsel in the private sector.

As the No. 3 official at the Justice Department, Brand would be next in line to oversee special counsel Robert Mueller‘s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, which Trump has blasted as a “witch hunt.”

Those that are not afflicted with an anti-Trump tick in their brains have known that something hasn’t smelled right with the special counsel’s investigation from the get-go.

As time has moved along, that’s become even more readily apparent.

The news of Brand’s resignation comes as Trump has in recent weeks stepped up his criticism of the Justice Department and special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s role in the election and whether members of the Trump campaign conspired with Moscow in an effort to sway the race.

Fueling Trump’s criticism of the Justice Department is a memo released last week by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee. That document alleges that FBI and Justice Department officials misused their authority to obtain a surveillance warrant on a former Trump campaign adviser.

The mainstream press is attempting to spin Brand’s departure as the latest sign that we need to ramp the concern level about the Trump administration up to Defcon Five.

Don’t fall for it. This is just another sign of a career official that can’t stand the current heat level in the kitchen.

The swamp will continue to be drained throughout the Trump presidency, and the end result will be a return to a country that works for the people rather than against them.

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