500 Leftists Storm Capitol Building In DC, Insurrection Goes Unreported By MSM

(Natural News) Did you know that there was another “insurrection” in Washington, D.C., the other day that the mainstream media completely ignored?

More than 500 people showed up at the White House and blockaded every entrance to it – not to call for President Donald Trump to be reinstated, it turns out, but rather to demand that fake “president” Joe Biden make changes to his impending infrastructure bill.

The crowd that “terrorized” the White House is part of the far-left “Sunrise Movement,” which buys into the “climate change” conspiracy theory. This is why nobody heard about what they did on CNN or MSNBC.

Had the “riot” involved anything to do with supporting Trump, you can be sure Congress would already be writing new “hate crime” legislation to restrict even more freedom from straight white males. However, because the rioters this time probably do not even know their own gender, they were given a free pass to “protest” without getting smeared all over the media.

Secret Service did arrest “dozens” who were present, but that was about it.

“Today we showed up to @JoeBiden’s doorstep with 500+ people and blockaded every entrance to the white house [sic], demanding that he include a fully funded #CivilianClimateCorps in his infrastructure bill,” the Sunrise Movement Twitter account proudly tweeted. “Secret Service then arrested dozens of us.”

The George Soros-funded extremist group was not removed from Twitter for violating any “community standards,” despite engaging in the same type of “domestic terrorism” that the Capitol “insurrectionists” did back in January.

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“We made it clear the first time @POTUS,” the group added in a threatening tone, “you’re going to hear our demands, whether we’re inside or outside the White House. You haven’t responded.”

“Now we’re back to make sure you understand us clearly: It’s #NoClimateNoDeal and No Compromises, No Excuses.”

As long as you’re a leftist, you can pretty much do and say whatever you want

More of a cult than anything else, the Sunrise Movement appears to be some sort of spinoff from the “global warming” fanaticism pushed by the likes of Al Gore back in the 1990s and early 2000s.

We speculate that Greta Thunberg is one of the group’s mascots, and may even be an idol or “climate goddess” worshipped by its members as part of their bizarre climate religion.

Whatever the case may be, these people completely surrounded the White House, presumably with Beijing Biden inside, and would not allow anyone to enter or leave the premises. This is akin to storming the Capitol building and taking selfies in Nancy Pelosi’s office.

The difference, of course, is that the mainstream media is choosing to remain silent about this act of domestic terrorism because left-wing activists, as opposed to Trump supporters, were the ringleaders.

This writer is speaking sarcastically, of course, as neither incident constituted any type of “insurrection” or act of “domestic terrorism.” Just like how Trump supporters were free to gather back in January outside the Capitol building, members of the Sunrise Movement are free to protest around the White House.

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The only reason we are pointing both of these incidents out together is that one was treated as an act of war, and the other barely got a mention by the media – or by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), who just the other day was whining about how another “insurrection” should never be allowed to happen. The double standards on the Hill are truly striking.

More of the latest news about how the left wing gets away with everything while the right wing is routinely punished for free speech can be found at Tyranny.news.


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Gerald S Ladd

I see it was lead by the bar slut! No surprise there!


we need to get them all the hell out of office fix the VOTE!!!

Cecelia Henderson

I so love the dual standards set by the media and Democrats. It amazes me how these two groups can ignore journalism and the Law, just so they don’t look as bad as the other Party. If you want Socialism or Communism, you’re getting a taste of it now. They have much in common – Lies, no transparency, death, deceit, greed and control. I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.


The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.
George S Patton
Well seeing as they have no country and hate this one what is left for the left?

Carlotta Howard

The democrats suck and they are so evil

Ernest L Cooper

This does not surprise me at all, what a bunch of self righteous idiots. The left knows they can get away with this type of thing because we no longer have a unbiased media.


Strange how justice is served by which political party you are affiliated with!!!!!!


So the bartender didn’t almost get killed again?


500 of them in one place at the same time? Where are automatic rifles, machine guns, and hand grenades when you need them. Body bags and garbage dumps. An opportunity lost.

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The “Sunrise Movement” are supporting Marxist ideology and should never be aloud to demonstrate in our society! They don’t share America’s ideology!!

john berry

share this with all your face book friends!!!!


never heard this

Colleen B

The difference is they never entered the WH where the Trump supporters did enter the Capitol House. Not everyone entered the Capitol building through the front door and when Ashli was killed, they were trying to break through doors to get in.

Colleen B

*Capitol building, not house. It wont left me edit.


Regardless of this “difference” which there isnt much because people were in fact being PUSHED into the Capital, let in to the capital etc…(that whole thing stinks and was a set up, argue if you want but its the truth there is plenty of video evidence). The fact that they (left) “stormed” the capital against Brett Kavanaugh being appointed to supreme court, do you hear about that? That is WE THE PEOPLE’S capital building just FYI so…. The fact the media isn’t reporting this is ridiculous. There is no difference from hindering entrance and exit and refusing to leave than this non insurrection that they cant let go of. If this was conservatives it would have been all over and people indicted over it. Dont lie to yourself.


Did you watch the footage??? I mean beyond the FOX BS?


Millie Weaver exposed this as a brainwashed Marxist group probably a year ago. Videos are probably still out there. The kids think its about climate change, the ones at the top KNOW its about communism. They have tactics for minors to be on the front lines to be arrested etc… they are just indoctrinated idiots. Keep an eye on them. I believe all these “groups” are tied together tbh.


They weren’t violent either. Big, BIG difference!!!

Charles A Zito

This is lousy reporting you didn’t even give the date of the demo. I don’t doubt you but do it right.

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