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Pro-Trump Stars Risk It All At The Grammy’s To Support Our President

Opinion | Yesterday marked this year’s annual Grammy Award show.

Hollywood’s elite gathered to celebrate and honor those receiving awards. Generally, when we think of Hollywood, we think of scathing liberals who without a doubt hate President Donald Trump.

However, a couple of celebrities decided to shake things up and show their support for the President rather than swimming along with the tide and bashing him like their Hollywood cohorts.

Breitbart News reports:

Singer Ricky Rebel arrived in a gender-bending bedazzled white suit designed by pro-Trump designer Andre Soriano. The reversible jacket was made from one of Trump’s famous “Keep America Great” flags and had the word “TRUMP” emblazoned across the back.

Take a look at Ricky Rebel’s pro-Trump suit.

The flamboyant singer decided to use Twitter as an outlet to voice his support for the President and all of those standing behind him.

“I’m Billboard Top 40 recording artist Ricky Rebel live at the #grammys and I’m a reflection of the 60 million+ Americans that voted for @realdonaldtrump. Be #TheNewAlpha Don’t let anyone keep you in the closet,” Rebel wrote.

Ricky Rebel wasn’t the only star who showed up donning a pro-Trump ensemble.

Outspoken pro-Trump singer Joy Villa also arrived at the award show’s red carpet in a MAGA outfit. Her dress simply read, “Build the Wall” on the back, showing the singer’s support for Donald Trump’s most important campaign promise.

Villa’s dress was paired with a “Make America Great Again” purse, that was clearly shaped like a big red brick, symbolizing bricks that would build a border wall.

“Villa’s dress featured a silver cover-up that she tore off to reveal a faux brick-print gown with the words ‘Build the Wall’ written in red across the train of the gown,” Breitbart explains.

This isn’t the first time that Villa has sported a political outfit to the Grammy’s.

Last year, the singer wore a blue gown with the words, “Make America Great Again” going down the front.

It’s great to see a few celebrities standing up to their liberal counterparts to support our President and his vision of making our country a safer place for the citizens residing here.

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