Fox News Uses Chyron Calling Biden ‘Wannabe Dictator’

Fox News may be trying to win back pro-Trump viewers through subliminal messaging. During a segment, Fox informed viewers via text at the bottom of the screen on the chyron that Biden is a “wannabe dictator” who personally ordered Trump’s arrest.

Reporter Alex Thompson of Axios flagged the unusual chyron on Twitter.

Near the very end of Tonight, Fox aired a split screen of Trump speaking with audio and Biden on mute at the White House giving a speech to mark Juneteenth. With about 12 seconds left in the show, a chyron appeared, reading:

Wannabe Dictator Speaks At The White House After Having His Political Rival Arrested

The chyron carried over into Hannity for the first 15 seconds before disappearing. Around this time, someone in the Bedminster crowd wished Trump an early happy birthday, as he will turn 77 on Wednesday.

“Thank you,” he replied. “Happy birthday, great birthday.”

This claim comes after Trump was formally arrested earlier in the day in a federal courthouse in Miami on charges stemming from special counsel investigations into his possession of classified documents.

He was indicted on Friday on 37 charges supposedly related to him taking hundreds of highly sensitive national security documents without authorization when he left office in 2021, and for attempting to deceive and evade attempts to recover them.

In response, Donald Trump gave a speech denouncing everyone involved with the case, accusing his political opponents of conspiring against him, and lying about what legal requirements are pertaining to classified documents.

In contrast, President Biden has been in hiding and dodging questions while ordering all parties associated with his reelection campaign, the Democrat party and their teammates in the media to maintain silence. Meanwhile, Biden gave an address advocating for so-called “LGBTQ rights” in an effort to distract and virtue signal.

These claims by Fox News were further highlighted through Brian Kilmeade who introduced coverage of Trump’s post-arrest speech by stating: “This is the President of The United States” further triggering the leftists in the media as they cry and shout about Trump no longer being president since January 20th 2021.

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